I’m freelance photographer and I’m looking to get into concerts photography.Does anyone know how to get accreditations to enter the venues?


  • @Martina Aguirre I didn’t realise the deadline was 18th June, but the page was thenamegameuk on Instagram
  • @Seraphina Neville thanks so much this is all very useful information! 💕💕 Really appreciate it 😊
  • Hi ☺️ I used to do lots of band photography before I started doing more for galleries and creative businesses. There are a few different ways from my own experience but I’m sure there may be more! You can either work for the band directly or for press. If you’re working directly for the band sometimes you get access all areas and you can move around the venue for different shots. With a press pass you usually just get to shoot the first 3 songs from the photo pit. Or at a smaller venue you may even just be allowed to take your camera in (maybe check in advance though). If there are any smaller bands you like, you could contact them and ask if they’d like any photos to build up a portfolio of concert photography and then start sending them to publications/ bands / labels with bigger budgets to see if they’d like to hire you. Hope that helps!

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