I'm giving a video presentation at the *free* online Typism Summit about having the confidence to try new things. Find out more below...

The registration page is here: https://www.typismsummit.com/a/2147516418/UpZ9rhzZ

My short video shares the experience of publishing a magazine for the first time—this one: https://bl.ag/blag01/. I use this as a way to encourage others to try new things and embrace the mistakes and learning along the way.

The talk should be relevant to people from a wide range of disciplines, and not just the lettering artists that the event is mainly targeted at. In fact, lots of the other speakers are delivering more generic talks so I think there will be a little something for everyone.

And it's all free and easily accessible online: https://www.typismsummit.com/a/2147516418/UpZ9rhzZ


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