I’m thinking of doing more freelance Producer jobs. Does anyone have any tips on this, especially about how to find jobs?

I also don’t have a lot of experience but you can view my portfolio at www.ronitasworld.com


  • Hi Ronita, I started in the industry a while ago but I see some things haven't changed:
    I think the first option is always to contact production companies and let them know you are looking for entry jobs in the production team. Or find internships if you can afford that.
    The second would be to work for free on video clips, short films or low budget productions. This cannot only give you valuable experience but if you choose the projects well, it will give you connections that after working with you once would be happy to call you back for paid jobs.

    I believe the most important when you get that first opportunity is to make yourself indispensable. That's what make people call you back.

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