I need some short motion graphics or animation pieces to sound design for my own practice - if you have anything inetersting - get in touch!


  • @Valentina Terzieva Hi Valentina - yes - I'm always happy to do a bit of sound design in my spare time - you can see some examples here:

    Email me bradwilliams55@gmail.com and we can chat about it..

    Best wishes

  • @Andrea Vercetti Hi Andrea - I'm not looking to commission graphics work, I'm offering to help people out with adding sound design to their existing projects...
  • @Brad Williams Generally I publish mp4 without audio, if you need some graphic for your tracks i'm available for commissions
  • @Andrea Vercetti Hi Andrea - I love the graphic style of your work - do you have anything you would like sound on that you would be able to send me?
  • @patrick nethercoat Hi Patrick - that's really nice! Would you be able to send me a ProRes422 of it, or something similar? (Anything without an alpha channel)
  • @Morphe Digital Design Hi - I do it occasionally when I'm in between projects to help out designers & animators I know. You can see a couple of examples here: https://vimeo.com/505633558 & here: https://vimeo.com/481147874 , https://vimeo.com/513917918 - it's purely for my own amusement & builds a little portfolio for me...
  • Hi Brad,

    I did this for Halloween but didn't get time to do any sound for it. It's brief and stupid. Have a crack if you fancy:

  • Hi Brad,

    I'm a graphic designer focused on illustration.
    You can find some loop animation on my website or on my instagram:

    Feel free to contact me

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