I've started a new Newsletter for 2023, 'Five Good Things' - every Friday I share five quality pieces of culture or creative I'm enjoying

These were this week's selections:

Good Content:

Aisling Bea (@weemissbea) - alongside comedy's other female superstars - backstage at Sara Pascoe’s live show. Caption begins - “The real SUCCESS STORY is friendship.”

I often look to comedians for inspiration because comedy is one of the few industries that’s even more difficult to build a sustained career in, and where women are even more marginalised, than music.

I also agree that friendship is a true success story.

A Good Read

“Why I'm unreachable and maybe you should be too” by Tech Entrepreneur Pieter Levels)

Good Storytelling

German photographer Yana Wernicke has published a photo book titled ‘Companions’, which follows two women who saved farm animals from slaughter. The photography doesn’t exactly capture me, but they communicate a sentiment, an intimacy and a respect between mammals, which I find very moving.

Good News

Having been diagnosed with autism & global development delay as a young boy, Jason Arday had a tough start in life. He couldn’t speak until he was 11 — and he could barely read or write until he reached his late teens. With support and encouragement from his mum and a mentor he began to develop a passion for study.

At 27, while studying for his PhD, he wrote a set of personal goals on a bedroom wall in his parents’ home. One of these read: “One day I will work at Oxford or Cambridge”.

This week, aged 37, Jason Arday became the youngest black professor at the University of Cambridge.

Good Data Visualisation

ROSTR is doing interesting data work in the music industry, which looks at the size variation of an artist’s current audience when they get signed. Check it: rostr.cc


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