I've started a new Newsletter for 2023, 'Five Good Things' - every Friday I share five quality pieces of culture or creative I'm enjoying

These were this week's selections:

Good Words

“After all, there is nothing but failure.” – Thomas Bernhard

And on a similar topic, but a bit more actionable…

​“Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better” - Thomas Beckett

Good Content

Phoebe Lovatt's Public Library is a charming newsletter grounded in a great concept. I really liked this opening post “Start Where You Are”

Good Food

Enjoyed a delicious vegan tasting menu at Almeja in Porto last Saturday.

I’m always relieved when the vegan option isn’t quinoa.

Good News

Both insanely inspiring and heart warming to see Alex Roca complete a marathon this week. Alex, who has had cerebral palsy since he was 6 years old became the first person in the world with a 76% disability to complete the race in Barcelona, finishing in less than 6 hours.

I first heard about Alex through a Nike commercial ‘Dream Crazier’. You can get a sense of his pure determination here.

Good Music

Chicago artist Azzecca released her new track ‘Ego Death’ this week. I love her sound, but prefer 'Other Side' if you're new to her music.


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