I wanna build a new and easy way to connect freelance creatives around the world with this Discord channel :)))

A couple of weeks back I came across an issue I figured for freelancers getting jobs while traveling around the world. I was searching for a platform that's easy to use and connect with people around the world in their industry.
Sol started working on a discord channel that features multiple sub-channels for i.e. Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, etc.

While I am lucky to know people and keep me busy in LA, others don't and might wanna work and get some extra money in another country they are currently staying or traveling to.
So this discord might or might not be the solution to easy access to jobs in the creative industry and for industry experts to find a pool of talents in a country they might not have connections to.

I wanna start this with a small circle of creatives and see how we all as a creative global community can build a safe and easy place to use, finding jobs around the world.
As |mentioned before, this might or might not work but it could start something. I created multiple sub-channels, a rule book, and guidelines. It’s for everyone and it’s completely free.

Spread the word and let's build the biggest creative network :))



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