If you're a "FILMMAKER" who loves and currently still watches or reads Anime / Manga / Comics

Please state what you're currently watching or reading?


  • Hey


    I put up this post/question because I am looking for filmmakers who love anime or comics to add to a whatsapp group.

    The group will be posting information on a very exciting venture which includes bridging the gap between anime and Live action. Bringing more anime type stories to the big screen and some opportunities that are coming via netflix, crunchyroll and other online platforms.

    If you interested, please connect with me and Il get you added to the group.

  • Currently watching Cowboy Bepop and currently reeading Vagabond.

    Cowboy Bepop is just classic that I'm having to watch again, in my top 5 bestanimee's of all time!

    Vagabond is an amazing reading with such detailed and beautiful art, highly reccomend to any manga lovers out there!
  • Cowboy Bepop! Also recently saw Satoshi Kon's Millenium Actress. Belladonna of Sadness as well; not really a animé but an incredible, mindblowing, Japanese animation, like nothing you've ever seen.

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