Is anyone able to give some advice on IR35?

I'm being asked to get inside IR35 despite being a sole trader, I'm aware it doesn't apply to me and I'm also strongly against it but I ideally don't want to be forced out of my contract if they do a blanket ban on outside IR35 contracters! I'm aware I'd need to adjust my rates to cover the cost but my main is concern is how this will affect any other business I do outside of my contracted hours? It's probably a bit of a silly question but I'm assuming if I go inside , ALL my business has to be done inside? There's so much to weigh up so it'd be great to hear from anyone who's been in a similar situation


  • Not sure if I can answer you question but from my experience the compamy im working for assess whether the contract is inside IR35 or not. If it is I'll up my rate to cover the cost of IR35. Not sure if this shines a light on your situation.
  • Hi Emma, you probably have already looked here, but just in case you haven't, this is the UK Gov's latest rules
  • Hello Emma,

    You don't have to put all of your business inside. HMRC shared a questionare to decide if a job falls inside or outside of IR35. Officially everytime you and the company you work for would need to have a full out together expect in cases when it's a no brainer fi. you work on a fix project instead of dayrate, you may fill out some parts of the job for others etc. so they work with you rather if you would be an agency.

    Some companies may have a no outside IR35 policy, basically they are just lazy to have a look on each cases and do not want to take the risk if something they don't categorize well as they would need to pay heavy fines and HMRC would keep an eye on their accounting.

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