Is it hard for an animator with knowledge in Blender 3D animation to find a job?

I have just recently created an account and I have finished university studying BA Animation. The main area of interest that I want to develop my skills in is Blender 3D character animation. However, everywhere I have looked, most of the companies require individuals to have knowledge in Maya. Maya this....Maya that. I have hardly seen any job opportunities for those with Blender 3D knowledge. It would be great if someone could provide me with advice or an information that might help me. It seems to me that Maya is possibly a drawback to CGI animators that have knowledge using other software.

Thank you.


  • Hi Luke,

    I’m Jamil from The Dots! Here are my top tips to help you find work:

    1. Follow your favourite companies so you’re the first to know when they post jobs and call-outs:

    2. Build your network by connecting with people you already know, and people you want to know! (fun fact: 50-80% of jobs are filled through networking):

    Oh, and your newsfeed is the place to discover all the best opportunities to network, find work and more:

    I hope that helps!


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