*JOHANNESBURG* - We're looking for a local, experienced female photographer in J'burg- Exciting project capturing local girls in the city

Paid opportunity to work with our global brand partner to do some really exciting work in the city of J'burg. We're conducting reserach & need to document it in stills & short clips. Some cultural connection to the city prefered.

Starting on 9th February possibly until 22nd February
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  • @Magda Walkowiak Thanks for the reply.
    We require local photographers for this project I am afraid. If you know of any in J'burg do let us know.
  • Hello

    I don't live in J'burg but would be willing to travel.
    I am experienced in travel photography and also capturing those thoughtful moments that inspire thought provoking responses and debate.
    Check out my portfolio, especially the portraits at

  • Hello, I am photograper and graphic designer. I would love to help you in that project! I have 2 websites with my projects: www.abeloart.com, www.magdalenawalkowiak.info
    I am working and travelling, it could be great to visit you!

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