Just felt like wishing happy new year to everyone! Also, do you set yearly goals as freelancers? Would love to get inspired on that.


  • @Sarah Fretwell Hi Sarah, Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely check out the workshop. It looks so align with my studio: https://algiastudio.com
  • @Laura Hurst I do! I have a framework for setting ones that are aligned and intentional, and then for breaking them down and making them more accessible.

    I am running a mindful productivity workshop this Friday 6-8 (virtual) feel free to join - it’s free! www.sarahfretwell.co.uk/workshops
  • @Nina Duque Great to switch up tactics sometimes and I like your idea of focusing on habits this year. I read the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg a few years ago and it was so insightful. Most useful takeaway from it was to give myself a cue when trying to establish a new habit. Very practical tip. Working less but better is likely to be a personal journey of trial and error so be patient with yourself on that one! You'll get there :)
  • @Laura Hurst Hi Laura! Congratulations on achieving your goals!! Well done! That's a cool insight, that the goals should align with ourselves. I think that othewise they just become boring and we lose motivation fast.
    Thank you!
  • @Rob Ball Hey Rob, Happy new year!!
    You look so organised! Definitely better to break down goals into smaller ones or to do lists. I always start the year so motivated and then slowly quit because they look unreachable.
    Thank you for sharing!!
  • @Jo Marie Brent Thank you for sharing Jo, and happy new year! I find it great to separate different goals and to include health in the equation. When we start freelancing we tend to forget that part, but through the years we need to put boundaries and take care of it. It's as important as working, I tend to repeat to myself.
    On my end, I haven't set goals yet ( I probably will through this month), but what I'm trying to implement is to get better habits (reading atomic habits right now!!). Since I've always set goals and not always follow them, I thought this year I would apply something different.
    I've got some ideas like I absolutely want to work less but better, get to work with dream clients and being consistent with the gym :D
    Thanks again, and let me know if you need any help with your still life portfolio!
  • @Ali Can Elagöz never better described, "goals instead of dreams". 5 calls a day doesn't seem too much, and it seems a lot at the same time when managing all aspects of freelancing: marketing, self promotion, social media, emails, quotes, and actually working, for instance me retouching. At the same time, calls are so much faster and engage way more than just emails. Do you try to set up a quick meeting with the client or do you just contact them directly, if I may ask?
  • Happy new year! I do indeed set yearly goals. Last year I had three main ones which felt manageable, and achieved two and half of them (I did have a workcation, just not in London!)

    I have a list of things that have popped into my head as "goals" over the last few weeks. I've been careful to only list the things I genuinely feel strongly about wanting to do, and not what I feel I should be doing. This filtering has helped me feel more in tune with myself, and will make prioritising them feel a bit easier.
  • Happy New Year Nina!

    I always tend to set goals at the start of the year and review and adjust/ update my progress at points throughout the year. Like some of the other comments already mentioned I think it's important to separate personal and business/career.

    I tend to set different goals in certain areas then set sub goals or to dos that will then help me get to that bigger thing! Breaking it down in chunks is always helpful for me, it is more work but it keeps you more accountable and makes your goals more manageable.
  • Hi Nina! I have set main goals across 3 areas of life this year: finance, career and health. What helped me was also identifying attainable first steps to take this month in order to get momentum early with small wins. Besides all that... I'm looking to create a Still Life portfolio this year as I've previously been all about people :) Did you set any goals?
  • Of course! But being realistic is very important, it should be the goals list not dreams. For example this year my biggest goal is making 5 calls daily from the potential clients list. Since we chose to freelancing, we should find a way to work less somehow. This is why, this year I set a couplee of 'Passive Incomee' goals. Like NFT projects, deesign shop and consulting.
  • @Zoe Kezia def important to separate personal from business goals. I tend to mix them struggling to separate work from life.
    Thank you for sharing!
  • happy new year ! and yes I set both professional and personal goals every year ! usually along the lines of clients i want to work with, income targets, type of jobs, etc! 🌟

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