Just finished making my website, Any feedback would be appreciated! https://www.khqdesigns.com/

Kira Hilton-quish Graphic designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Analyst


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  • Merlin Publishing Publisher
    Hi Kira,

    Just had a quick look, I like it, simple, easy to navigate and the Christoph Waltz pictures look great!


    Vincent Abrams
  • Daniel Harvey Head of Product Design & Brand
    Hey Kira! From a structural point of view you've got most of the nuts and bolts in place. The challenge/solution/results model you're riffing off of is a time-honored way to present your work. You might want to consider showing more of your process to get to the final product however.

    And you might want to amp up the font size a bit. Hiring managers and creative directors will thank you for it.