Let's stop asking for YOUNG creatives, young directors, young whatever, in our job adverts. Recruit junior people, not young ones.

The creative industries have for years valued youth as a sign that you are creative, adaptable, understand new technology, are on the zeitgeist, bring a fresh perspective, are able to speak to young people etc.

Job adverts and experienced people often talk about looking for young talent.

That is ageism.

There is nothing to say that an older person, new to a role or a sector, couldn't bring the vitality, freshness or creativity we seek. But all the time we talk about young creatives, we perpetuate and reinforce a culture of ageism. And we make older creative people feel unwelcome.

So when you recruit, or even talk about talent, please drop the word young. Go for new, junior, fresh, unsigned or any other adjective that won't exclude and discriminate people on the basis of their age.

Or better yet, don't bother with any of those terms: just state the salary/fee and consider your applicants equally.

And if you see a job advert that asks for young talent, please politely reach out to the advertiser to ask them to remove or replace the word young.

From an OLD but still fresh, director.


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