Living / Green Walls Installations

Has anyone designed / dealt with installing an interior Living Wall? The different types of shrubery, flowers, leaves and moss walls all look amazing. Recommendations would be warmly appeciated.


  • Hi Mike, I did a commercial project involving a living moss wall. The benefits are great such as improving air quality and productivity as well as reducing airborne dust. However since they are a living organism so they need watering and ongoing maintenance and specific nutrients to keep them alive, parts of the wall may/will most likely need replacing, meaning time would be needed for the plants to mature which may disrupt the desired look. Alternative options are artificial green walls. They are low maintenance, lightweight and can be backing onto most surfaces however they can fade over time and look slightly ‘fake’. I hope this helps
  • @Aman Dhesi they also have a great environmental impact too; thanks Arman- I’ll have a read 🙂
  • Hi Mike,

    I love living walls in an interior, they work so great in homes, offices and commercial spaces.

    Not only do they look great, but they're great for our well-being too!

    I'm afraid I can't help with advice on install but I did find this aritcle that may be of help:

    Are you looking to install in your home?

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