Looking for a really good Illustrator to quickly sketch Engineering- start up ideas. Pays well, would appreciate a lead.

(This is together with the Royal Academy of Engineering and 60 engineers, so quite a lot of sketching ;):) )


  • Hi Neil,

    This sounds great and I’d love to be involved!
    Please have a look at my work here: www.ellisvanderdoes.com

    Kindest wishes,
  • Hi Neil, I have sketched engineering parts for Wabco (truck brakes). The GRUV (global rescue and utility vehicle), I created models for Honda racing, and I work on storyboards so I can produce quick sketches. Let me know if I can be of assistance.
    Best wishes,
  • Hello Neil,

    My name is Aleksandra and I'm interested in more details about your project. I graduated Architecture (bachelor- engineer) and I'm working remotely as a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator. Right now I'm studying UX/UI Design addicionally. I hope I would be proper person for this project.

    portfolio: https://olasergiel.myportfolio.com
    mail: aleksandra.sergiel.studio@gmail.com.

  • Hi Neil,
    I would really love to know more about this. I’m a freelance illustrator and I also studied technical drawing. Plus let’s say that sketching is what I do all the time, so this would be huge YES for me.

    You can contact me at

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  • Hello Neil,

    While I'm an illustrator and would love the work, I actually recommend David Hassell, my partner for this project. Not only is he studying engineering with architecture (so he knows how to do technical drawing), he's also incredibly creative.

    To get in touch with him contact DasHassell@gmail.com. :)

  • Hi Neil, Yes, I could be interested in your project. It's an opportunity to grow my collections, exploring other areas of interest/ strength.
    Would you want to give a clearer picture (brief) of what's involved, is it digital or analogue sketches.

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