Looking for a videographer/DoP for a 4-h live recording session at Fiction Studios on July 25 in London. PAID. Contact me for details.

I'm recording 3 songs from my new EP live at Fiction Studios in Farrington on the 25th of July between 2-6pm and I'm looking for a videographer to capture the 4-h session. Pretty straightforward set-up, mainly on a tripod. The studio itself is gorgeous, so it will look great on your showreel.

You'll need to own a camera (and ideally a main light) as my budget doesn't really allow for rentals.
If you can also edit it that is a big plus.

Contact me for rates and more details.


  • Hi Eleonora. I would like to work with you on your project. I shoot and edit. Please feel free to connect if you are still looking for a Videographer.

  • Hi Eleanora,

    I'm a freelance Cinematographer based just outside of London. Have lots of cam/lighting EQ so no worries there. Have shot lots of live music / promos (Abbey Road Studios, RAK, Metropolis, Dean Street etc).

    Here is my website with work and reel:

    Would love to work with you!


  • Hi Eleonora,

    My team and I specialises in live events, we currently do events for Deloitte and other coporations. Here is our website: www.haychdigital.com

    Here is our events portfolio: https://www.haychdigital.com/events-private // passwords: "events" - This is kept passworded since the live events are internal B2B in nature.

    Do let me know if you would be interested in using our services.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Eleanora!

    I'm a freelance cinematographer/editor based here in London. I love the sound of this and would love to work with you! I own a Blackmagic Pocket 4k, with lenses, as well as a full edit suite, including Premiere Pro, After Effects and Davinci Resolve Studio. I also have access to an array of ARRI Tungsten lighting due to my other work, so would be able to provide all equipment for free!

    My website is matthewhayes.co.uk if you wanna have a look; my most recent work, was a short fashion film for Lampoon magazine called Boundless, and can be found on my website (https://www.matthewhayes.co.uk/cinematography/).

    Let me know if you'd be interested in working together :)

  • I’m a freelance videographer, editor and sometimes photographer - Here's a link to my portfolio: https://ronaldolaibi.com/ and here’s one to my showreel for the year 2021 - 2021 Showreel (if need be I can put together a more up to date one with the work from 2022).

    i've got loads of experience creating content for socials for various brands an example is this : https://ronaldolaibi.com/toca-social-play-dine-score-hero-video - content produced for the TOCA Social instagram and tiktok pages

    other examples are Album fan activation for Drake’s CLB album - https://ronaldolaibi.com/drakes-clb-fan-activation-reels
    and launch event for M$ BANKS • “On My Way” single: https://ronaldolaibi.com/m-banks-on-my-way-launch-content-capture
    and another one for Amber Mark: https://ronaldolaibi.com/amber-mark-x-bayy-activation-video
    I’ve also had the honour of filming F1 racer Esteban at Meta: https://ronaldolaibi.com/esteban-ocon-at-meta-hq

    Podcast recording: https://ronaldolaibi.com/type-a-this-agency-life-podcast

    Don't hesistate to reach out if you feel i can be of help!
    (i've got my own lights and equipment)
  • Hey Eleonora!

    I run a video production company at www.storyflowe.com and we can help you with that. Send me a connection request!

    Let's have a chat! In Greek if you want :)


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