Looking for a writer/ journalist/ content writer for some words to put over finalised short video.

Hello You. I am on the search for a talented and motivated writer to help our young business with a few wordings for a short video. You get all the credits for sure and you would support a good cause. TIH Models is a start-up business, yet pwithout profit and seeks to help people affected by crisis into the model industry.

We do need help withthe right wording for this, the job goes slightly into marketing and branding as well.

It be great to hear from you. To find out more about the company please visit www.tihmodels.com


  • Hi there, I am an amaterur freelance writer based in London. My areas of expertise are fashion, The Arts and mainly delving into societal debates with research into "hot topics" and sensitive topics, with the writing intention of being able to ensure the reader comes away with a new way of looking at a certain topic, considering different areas. I would love to know more about your project, it sounds intriguing and relative to my writing. Hope to hear soon, Bex.
  • Hey Tatjana,

    I recently wrote a couple films for Nat Geo, Labour, NHS and Sony Music. Also I once stared in an under-10s Asthma instructional video, and thus consider myself a former model. An unpaid and aggreived one at that.

    Would love to know more!

    All the best



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