Looking for an Ambient music composer for a big Asian platform ~

Hello, I have the opportunity to be featured on Mana - https://www.manamana.net - the main platform connecting the dots between new media artists and clients from China.

I have a project of video installation that I was exhibiting in an art gallery in Chiang Mai. And I want to create an architectural visualization with a display of this video.

I need the right dimensionally evolving music to support my visuals and be part of the feature on Mana. Besides the first initial collaboration, I would like to work with a musician continuously on the next projects.

This is the website of my studio: https://visualteleport.studio

Feel free to message me here, on the website contact form or on https://www.instagram.com/billyfromtheteleport



  • Hello Billy,

    I'm a composer and sound designer and am interested in working with you on this and pontentially going forward. Your work looks amazing btw.

    I'm a media composer so write different types of sound to all sorts of briefs. Here are some examples of some of my recent ambient work:






  • Hello
    I am a London based composer, you can read my CV here https://www.emiliomerone.com/bio.html

    I made a few albums of ambient music, which I deeply love by the way, so I know how to handle this style.
    Have a listen to my playlist here:

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    Emilio Merone
  • Hey Billy this is sweet! I’m quite keen to make music for 3D visualisations, which molds to match the behaviour of each piece. I’d love to make some ambient music that mimics the various blobs etc which you make :)

    Will message you on IG separately from @ cheztito_music

    My website btw is https://Cheztito.live
    I’ve got a bigger catalogue and mess about with a lot of synths and textures recently so there’s a lot more

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