Looking for an experienced Social Media Manager to look after all things social for a band signed to a major record label...

Island Records are looking for a Social Media Management service on one of their most exciting new UK acts. Could be an agency or a freelancer, but experience managing artists' social media is a must.


  • Hi Lewis,
    This opportunity seems right up my alley and music is something I’m really passionate about…

    Please drop me an email @sherebano.anverally@gmail.com

    In the meantime please have a look through my LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherebanoanverally to find out more about me and what I can do!

    Kind regards,
    Sherebano A.
  • Hi Lewis, hope you’re well!
    I’m a graphic designer and social media manager and I specialize exactly in music-related promotional content. I’ve worked in the music industry for the past three years, most notably as social media manager, content creator and press office agent for two booking agencies, as well as designing graphics, merchandising and album covers for multiple bands and solo artists.
    In a year alone, I’ve earned one of said booking agencies a 377% rise in their newsletter subscription and a 150% increase in their follower number, as well as establishing and coordinating a national online and real-life street team.
    You can learn more about my experience here https://bit.ly/3iHWxq3 or shoot me an email at uponnothingdesign@gmail.com!
  • Good afternoon Lewis, hope you're well!
    I am a social media manager/digital marketing assistant with experience across organic and paid socials from TikTok to YouTube and everything in between. In the last 4 months I've worked with Lagoon (parent brand Mahogany) on behalf of Flabbergast Agency to push the new artists they have done sessions with.

    For reference, some of the notable points include:
    - I contributed to creating brand awareness campaign for client Lagoon launch (in 2 weeks reached 48K accounts on IG)
    - Managed TikTok, Instagram and YouTube for Lagoon and directed paid ads with budget from Atlantic Records - generated 103k views within a few weeks (first video from Lagoon)
    - I represented the agency in client calls and managed correspondence with artist managers, brand director of Lagoon and other members.
    I would love to hear more about the role and if you would like to see my CV and my portfolio, I'll happily send them over by email.

    My email is miracle.hurd@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much,

  • hello !! i’d love to know more about this. i am a virtual assistant :) email me at saskmuller13@icloud.com

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