Looking for artists to participate in an exciting project in East London!

F_able is a project that aims to create a fictional map of Roman Road. We’re using fiction to open a dialogue about reclaiming space and imagine the potential that empty spaces on Roman Road hold for us, or anyone else. The map will act as a response to all the empty spaces that are currently in limbo between public and private. What we can offer you is an outdoor space - empty storefronts, alleyways, carparks. We want you to imagine an alternative purpose for these spaces - and the sky’s the limit! As the works will be displayed in public space, we imagine that performance, small gestures, prints and audio would be ideal, but everything goes. All the works will be presented on a map and in a walking tour composed of exhibitions and performances along the road. We are also creating a dossier along the way, documenting ideas, conversations.  If you are interested please e-mail at fableproject2019@gmail.com (or send me a message directly on the dots!)


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