Looking for creative, passionate, thought-provoking writers, editors, journalists for a great architectural book project

The scope would be to write creative features, thought-provoking articles and comments that provide a deeper meaning by framing the architect's work within current ecological, economic, societal questions and challenges.

Topics include social architecture, architecture and nature/biodiversity, future cities, digitalization and architecture, energy transitions, architecture of new work.

The book will be treated like a magazine, so we are currently looking for several additional contributors who frame the projects on a meta level, who play with visionary questions that match with the six main topics, that underline the visionary approach of the architectural office.

Looking forward to get in touch! Cheers


  • Hi Lucy, I am an artist and writer interest into the societal aspect of architecture, thinking about method and placemaking, particularly in relation to contemporary culture and arts. I have previously had work published in zines and digital archives. I would love to be involved in your project; c.c.hart@hotmail.com

  • @Lucie Ulrich - I’m a critical thinker, writer + artist. I’m really into the work of Arakawa and Gins and Flávio de Carvalho. I write about how architecture encourages bodies to move in particular ways, influencing how we perceive time, space and our place within it. I’d love to chat about this project! Would be great to connect: sarahmacedennis@gmail.com
  • Hi,
    I have studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes, and then Architecture and Urban Studies at the Glasgow School of Art - and I have over 5 years of experience writing on these subjects.

    My writing experience, and personal interest, is largely focused on socially and politically pressing issues of architecture and the city. Being that social tensions or conflicts are usually seen most stark in dense, urban environments, it seems natural to look to our cities for a better understating of the problem, and to formulate solutions. The answer is not always architectural, and so here the need for multi-disciplinary, collaborative work is highlighted - so obviously I am very keen to be involved with your project and work with people in different areas!

    A big part of my personal research is informality in the city - both the economics and policies that are responsible for its existence, and what we can learn from the people occupying informal urban environments (slums, favelas, barrios etc.) I am fascinated by communities around the world who are living in these informal settlements and employing their own methods of self organisation and social autonomy, after years of being ignored by their governments. And I feel their resilience and innovation should be key in any research going forward, into the future of our cities.

    I also have some experience working with graphic designers doing editorial work for architectural publications - both editing, contributing, and editorial design. This includes the production of my own book into the benefits of music therapy and its crossovers with architecture - namely how spaces can augment traditional methods of therapy. Design based publishing is a keen interest of mine and I am always trying to learn more about the industry when I can.

    Below I have linked a recent article of mine for your perusal, published in MacMag, an architectural magazine led by young creatives in Glasgow. Here I look into the architects role in city making - both intervention and design from scratch. I try to explore the often resulting gap between architectural intention or theory, and urban reality after the fact. I try to advocate for a dissolved role of the architect, and instead a focus on civic participation, giving power back to inhabitants.

    I’d love to chat more about your project -

    Cheers, Alex!

    https://issuu.com/theglasgowschoolofart/docs/macmag_2020_final (Pages 100-107)
  • Hi Lucie,
    I'm an art historian with a love of social architecture. I'm completely fascinated with social housing design and brutalist masterpieces such as the Barbican. I'm also interested in the development of new towns and how public art places a part in society. I'd love to discuss this more with you. I'm London based but happy to jump on a zoom. You can email me jomclaughlin90@gmail.com.

    For more info on me check out www.josarthistory.com my writing, podcast and more are on there. Thanks!
  • Doesn't seem there's a way to get in touch with you regarding this project. Suffice to say my details are on this thingy; many years of writing, editing and translating experience, esp. in the arts.
  • Hi there! Thanks for sharing this! I’m a magazine editor with a love of the arts, and am completing an MPhil in Linguistics at the moment - would be keen to get involved for editing!! :)
  • Hello there!

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us, Lucie. The description of the project above fascinates me! I am a multidisciplinary creative strategist; writing is a foundational element of my niche. Aside professional edits for other clients, I write and curate a weekly existential editorial with thoughts on existentialism, art, digitalism, humanism, naturalism and societal behavioural issues. I would love to find out more about the book and see how my content could offer cultural value to it.

    You are welcome to explore my edits on my instagram account; most of them are hosted on my highlights section:


    Additionally, you may have a look at my website; I designed it myself. The content upload is still under process, but most of it is complete:


    Wishing you a lovely evening


  • Hi Lucie, this sounds amazing. I'm a journalist with over four years' experience writing about the arts and culture and would love to be involved if you'll have me. I've written articles for the BBC, Guardian, FT, Vice, Dazed and loads of other publications, plus I have editing and commissioning experience too, in case I can be of help there.

    You can see links to over 100 articles by me at https://samdavies.contently.com/

    Connect with me on here or email sammooredavies1993@gmail.com
  • Hi Lucie,

    I'm a writer and researcher working about contemporary art, the migratory crisis and new media, and I am really interested about joining your project, which seems of great value. I have also some research experience on architecture and asylum seekers, besides having studied architecture.

    This link will direct you to one of the last articles I wrote:


    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Best regards,

  • Hi Lucie,
    Wow, I'd love to get involved with this project. I'm a writer and editor specialising in art, design and architecture with over five years of experience.
    In the last year I've edited books on mobile distruptive architecture and smart cities. As well as written articles on the colonisation of Mars and its architecture and pneumatic architectural practice.

    Drop me a message if you think this sounds interesting.

    All my best,
  • Hi Lucie.

    This project sounds great! I am a PhD researcher looking at the interface between architecture/design with human experience and sense of identity.

    I write specifically about women who design and build their own tiny houses as a way to change their relationships with work, the environment, and other people.

    I have several years of freelance experience and would love to contribute to this project.

    Please let me know if you think I could be a good fit.

    Best wishes,

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