Looking for guidance, advice and discussion with knowledgeable minds on UI/UX learning.

Hey all. Hope you’re all managing to stay safe.
In this time of enforced inertia and due to having become a financial victim of this COVIDity, I’m looking to expand my horizons and mind.
Looking for any advice on good online courses and any essential reading/watching/absorbing through osmosis to get a handle on UX/UI as a discipline. Not necessarily learning an actual app (XD for example), but more the theoretical principles and intellectual arguments.

On a superficial scanning of various posts, it feels like something one considers as part of the creative process in most cases anyway but I’m intrigued by the formalisation or UI/UX.

Let me know.


  • Thanks Johnny.
    Appreciate you taking the time.

    Will definitely check the course link you sent.
  • Hi Matt,

    Sorry to hear you meet the bad situation in this tough time, hoep you'll be safe and healthy.
    I'll recommend you IDF https://www.interaction-design.org/
    It has very systematic UI/UX course.


  • Hey Rebecca and Estela

    Thanks so much for your responses.

    Sorry about the delay in responding, I’ve been enduring an 6 hour battle with out internet service at home.


    Rebecca thanks for the recommendation. I’m definitely going to be checking out that book and I’ll have a look at the course link as well.

    Estela will keep an eye on your blog sounds like it will be a fascinating source.

    I’m pretty new too the idea of UX/UI as independent areas of focus, so not sure how much of a contribution I would make to a discussion. However love the idea of virtually kicking thoughts around if people have the time and inclination. Wouldn’t want anyone to waste precious time at the moment.
  • I'd really reccomend resources like Treehouse (similar to skillshare) and Smashing Magazine's books. I'm in a similar situation as you and just trying to learn as much as I can.

    Coming from a design perspective, I'd reccomend this book on design systems and how they link into branding: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/printed-books/design-systems/

    Hope that helps!
  • Hiya. I am happy to help. On the Week 17/18 I am writing a blog post about UX (usability) and Design Systems. Spotlight on Design Systems such as the IBM Design Language (Carbon Design System) and the GOV.UK Design System (Government Digital Service). How brand, iconography, visual language and online presence are coming together to aid business.

    I usually write on my personal blog http://www.e-stela.co.uk/blog-april-2020.html

    But I am happy to start a Zoom on-line meeting with several people and discuss themes.

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