Looking for individuals who can manage and create context to build up social media platforms for a start up fashion brand.

No specific requirements needed


  • @Chioma Ezeh Hi Chioma, thanks for replying! Please connect and send a message or leave your contact information and I can elaborate
  • @Erica Figueiredo Hi Erica, will send you an email ! Thanks for Replying
  • @Marco Nahuel Demichelis Hi Marco, Thank you for replying! Please connect & send a message or provide me with some contact information so I can provide more info
  • Hello Pen Val,

    My name is Marco Demichelis and I am a senior graphic designer and project design director based in Madrid.

    I wanted to offer my services for your wellness journal. I have experience of creating brand books, guides and social media content likes the International Year of Glass 2022 (with the participation of 64 countries) Boardgame DC Batman: Scape from Arkham Asylum DC, IT Radar Mimacom, film studios and more, and recently designed a wellness brand identity, so feel I could offer you some excellent assistance on this project.

    My folio is here marcodemichelis.com/servicios

    Please do get in touch if you think I would be a good fit.

    All the best,


  • Sounds interesting, could you elaborate? Is it advertising or brand marketing or more PR and social?
  • Hi Pen, I would love to know more about this! you can email me at asiahealey@gmail.com
  • Hello
    I would love to have more informations about this.
    My email address is sabrina.facchetti@gmail.com
    thank you!

  • Hello Pen,

    This sounds so interesting! I have a background in fashion and beauty and have worked in copywriting, social media and content creation for brands of all types. Would love to chat more, but could you please let me know if this opportunity is paid?
  • Hi Pen,

    Would like to know more about this.

    Please email me: atlanta_900@hotmail.com

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