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  • @Alex Potton Thanks Alex! Super glad that carries through as it's deinately a brand I want to build upon
  • @Fran Cattaneo Hey Fran! Glad you like my website, thank you for your feedback!

    I actually built mino on Wix, which is fairly straight forward (aside from when it's not haha). The font I think I was able to upload into the template..

    Feel free to drop me a message if you need any help!

    Best xx
  • Hi @Amelia Lourie,

    Love the look of your website, design and layout - I was wondering what platform you use to host it, and whether you created your logo / name font yourself or whether it came within the template of the site?

    Am currently in the middle of building my own, as I am only on Instagram at the moment (@francat_photography) so any help / advice would be great!

    Thanks Xx
  • Hey Alex! Your websites super nice with, with a clean layout. Love the energy that comes across in your work.

    Mine is https://www.amelia.photos - would love some feedback as I’m going to spend next week updating it :)


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