Looking for junior/internship positions in graphic design. anyone know companies looking in london, or close to london?

Kira Hilton-quish Graphic designer
  • Graphic Designer
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  • Aleksandr Danilov Web designer, graphic designer, creative/art director
    Positions are always availiable for juniors - but always with portfolio, no mattter is it wide or not. portfolio always demonstrates your style - first of all - on this level ofcourse + your desire to get experience in this field. As they say - people can look for reason - but others look for opportunities. so even if you hadn't positions before - anyway - you can practice on any freelance resouce. And only while such practice - you can get knowledge in what field is your most strong side and good hand in art. (Identity, loogos and branding - web design - print design - multipaged issues design, etc)
    first of all You have to describe the soft you are using - soft is always a required information for any employer
  • Wale Osunla Freelance Graphic Designer
    Have you checked IfYouCouldJobs? Currently a string of internships/junior positions have been posted up in the last few weeks.

    Best of luck!

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