Looking for Millinery & Hat Designers to lend samples for a fashion editorial submission to HUNGER Magazine

We are shooting an editorial for HUNGER Magazine on Wednesday the 6th of November and are looking for individual bespoke designer headwear pieces to shoot for the fashion editorial around Hats.


  • Hi Josh,

    I know I missed the deadline on this one, but if you need any hat samples in the future or have bespoke editorial requests for HUNGER, get in touch. I have a hat studio in Dalston and can send over looks of my work.

    I hope to hear from you,


  • Hi @Josh Bristow

    I would love to help with designing the magazine. If you looking for a editorial designer.

    Email: aqsanaziir@gmail.com

    Check out my work :-
    Website: https://aqsa.myportfolio.com
    Instrgram: https://www.instagram.com/aasqaart/

  • Hi! I'm a young designer and I'd be happy to lend pieces. My PR, Hundred Showroom handles all Manimekala loan requests so you can see the avilable collection at https://www.hundredshowroom.com/designers/manimekala and contact them at hello@hundredshowroom.com
  • Not a designer - but I am a makeup artist - feel free to check my Instagram @lauren.nicolemakeup or my website www.laurenmurray.com - if you’re interested please feel free to contact me for further info! Have a great day, Lauren x

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