Looking for people to collaborate with through my creative practice.

Hello, I am Kerry Ann Cleaver, currently at Falmouth completing an MA. My practice and studio set up is starting to be the facilitator for; physical public art, digital design, workshops ect...
Having experience in graphic design, wood work and photography, I dont wish to work alone and maybe start a studio with the right people.
I love collaborating and bringing in extra hands to help out, so wish to form a little contact book of people who work with environmental and social topics who could join and help future projects.
Please have a look at my website -

If you wish to be involved, please contact me through my website, and I will look through your work!

If you are wanting to be involved physically, Cornwall based would be great, however if you are digital/ can help remotely that is fine!
- of course when work comes in, it will be paid for fairly! - I am all for equality, paying for peoples time fairly and ultimatly help spread fun work with good people :)


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