Looking for people to share clips of anything that brings them joy during quarantine for a world collaboration video of Don't Give Up

This can be workouts, cooking, walking, clapping for our carers, sharing a smile, home teaching our children, and as simple as opening a window, skies, views - any way of showing up in this time. Anything that brings you joy. Whether in isolation, alone, or in groups - let's share as much hope as possible. Any form of love and hope is welcome! Video clips under 10 seconds if possible.
This can also be hopeful art messages outside/on the wall - Feel free to get creative or keep it as simple as possible.

Also looking for people to share: a photo of you holding a sign that says:
YOU ARE LOVED -- or a sign saying:
DON'T GIVE UP ----- This can be in English or your home/preferred language.
Please send your photos/videos to: ✉ alessandra@pixelpassion.tv - Video clips can be sent through WeTransfer - Please add your city to your banner with a #. Also include in your email/message.

More info/live updates: @fearlesscompass

Stay safe,


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