Looking for photographer and mua to collaborate with to build portfolio. (I am an art director)

I have a menswear project in mind which I would like to shoot in the coming weeks in the North West of England in order to build my portfolio. Please drop me a message if you’re interested. This would be a spec-ad for Barbour.


  • Hey im Prisca ! I would love to work with you! I’m a london based photogrpher here is my web site with the quality of my work
    @priscatozzi_ i followed you on insta

  • @Kavieng cheng I’ve given you a follow on Instagram (@wyattandrudd) I love your work!
  • @Victoria Gibson Hi Victoria, I’m based just outside Manchester (Cheshire) and will be looking to shoot around Knutsford allowing us to utilise classic vehicles as props etc.
  • @Charlotte Dobson Hi again Charlotte, I’ve dropped you a message on Instagram 👍🏼
  • hi !
  • Hi Louis,

    I’d be really interested. I’ve shot for brands before such as Montilla Designs, been featured in Notion Magazine and shot music album covers.

    I’d also be interested in assisting. Would love to hear if this is a possibility. I am also based in Manchester myself.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards,
  • Hi Luis,
    Happy to collaborate.
    Here my work.




  • Hey ! I would love to work with you! I’m a london based mua , check out my instagram @glambysarahlily and @sarahlilymua for my work!
  • @Simran Kaur I’ve given you a follow on Instagram @wyattandrudd
  • @Tracy L.M I’ve given you a follow on Instagram 👍🏼 @wyattandrudd
  • Hey, Im interested to find out more, My Insta is @31stworld
  • Hi,

    I'm a Fashion photographer and artist based in London. I would like to be part of this.

    My email is



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