Looking for tips on starting out as a Freelance Graphic Designer - how do you get your jobs, & how to set up invoices/ get paid? Thank you!


  • Hi! I suggest you this workshop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wLs3aDzLd4&list=PLXC_gcsKLD6ntRAYCiBsMBFp1pGuJMVyd he gives a lot of suggestions for those who want to start as freelancer
  • @Chelsea Henderson This is really helpful, thanks so much Chelsea. Have just reached out to Major Players as I used to use them to hire Freelancers myself. Thanks again!
  • Make sure to get a deposit on big jobs (particularly with new clients) and we have always used FreeAgent for our accounts - really great system
  • Hi Amy,

    I've been doing freelance work for about 18 months now and I've found recruiters really helpful, especially with starting out. Major Players helped me a lot with freelance projects at the start and it's quite handy because they send everything over for you etc. So might be worth looking into a few recruiters. You can then build personal relationships with agencys etc and potentially get ongoing jobs.

    I also just just keep a look out on job websites and apply for freelance jobs, as well as directly contacting some studios I'd like to work for and asking them if they need any freelancers etc.

    In terms of invoices, it's been different for me. When I've gone through Major Players for example I've gone through an umbrella company so the invoice goes through them but when I've found the job myself I've just invoiced the client and always been paid within 30 days and then sort tax myself - which takes a bit of looking into via GOV website!

    Hope this helps a little! :D

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