Looking to collaborate with an illustrator on fan-fiction series. Already have few posts in place with considerable views. Interested?

[Not paid]
Expected Launch Date - July/August 2020 (Completed parts to be uploaded to Wattpad one by one)

This is a volunteering opportunity to build your drawing/painting portfolio while I refine my skills as a writer and hopefully together we can bring the best out of each other's talents. In other words, this a project of love without any money involved whatsoever.

The fan fiction theme revolves around various adventures and humorous episodes using characters from Carlos Castaneda's publications. Primary protagonists are Don Juan Matus and Carlos the author himself described in first or third person perspective, or the mix of both.

I am open to working closely with an artist to try and fit my writing to their hand-drawn relatable illustrations (non-digital) but do not intent to write from scratch to match their existing work because it is unlikely to coinside with the very specific turn of events in the stories. The published short stories need several illustrations each depicting key scenes using color to bring out the mood. Or these could also be plain pencil drawings if enough perspective and detail provided.

The aim of this long-term project, beside its entertainment value, is to gain wider viewership and to popularize the enigmatic works of the elusive mystic Carlos Castaneda, a contoversial anthropologist, modern-day shaman who was mistakenly taken for a literary genious by the overly-critical literary community several decades ago to only be revived for his unorthodox views on reality, primarily via social media groups and small private gatherings.

Good example of the type of drawings that would best fit my stories can be seen in the link below, but without the surreal elements:


The fan-fiction Facebook Page can be found here:


  • Hi Fedor,

    I am Illustrator based in London, your project sounds really interesting! Could you send me more details by message?

    you can see some of my illustrations : https://www.instagram.com/faust_illustration/
    and some of my graphic design project : www.faustinean.com

  • Hey Fedor,

    As a quick intro, I’m a London-based freelance illustrator and go by the name Studio Braemar LTD.
    You can check out my work on my website: http://braemar.studio/illustration
    And see more on my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/studio.braemar/

    Would you be able to confirm if this is paid work? Feel free to send me an email to sarah@braemar.studio
    Many thanks, and stay safe!

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