Looking to collaborate with creatives who want to add to their portfolio/CV

Hi community,

I'm a Marketing Manager for a company in Auckland, New Zealand - Let Us Assist (https://letusassist.co.nz/). Where I work on their business development, strategy and general marketing and direction. There are three companies under the Let Us Assist umbrella; Elderly Assist, Moving Assist and Clutterbusters.

I know given the situation, people are looking for projects to dig into, people to work with, and opportunities to collaborate - pro bono.

The company are a consultancy service for elderly and adults alike who are looking to move home or downsize/declutter.

They do well with their traditional marketing and media (naturally, given the age we're targeting) but I'm wanting to add flair to their strategy with creative digital marketing - increasing brand awareness more than anything.

We have a functioning website and social media presence but I do want to optimise with more content on the platforms and explore new areas like,
- Blogs
- Articles
- Video (ads, reels, sizzle clips)
- Graphics/Illustrations
- Graphic Design

So I'm ideally looking for,
- Copywriters
- Content Creators
- Video Editors
- Videographers
- Graphic Designers

It would be awesome to hear from you if you have a passion around healthcare, nursing, and helping ageing communities.

I know this may be new territory for many but hoping with that in mind, this may be of interest?



  • Hi Jess, This sounds great! https://www.linkedin.com/in/george-f-312268100/ I've attached my linkedin account which has my showreel and the projects I've been involved with. Or you can hit me up on my profile on here :) be great to hear more about this and get involved
  • Hi Jess,
    I would be interested in writing a blog post or an article for you, or even producing some video content!
  • Hi Jess, I'm interedted!
  • Hi Jess,

    I’m interested in collaborating with you. I am a writer/photographer/artist

    Please take a look at my portfolio on IG @sheenahcreative https://www.instagram.com/sheenahcreative/?hl=en

    To get an idea of my style,



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