Looking to collaborate with models, MUA’s and stylists in London on a few projects! Get in touch

My style/portfolio can be seen here: www.dinkzjpeg.com


  • I would love to do this here is a link to my spotlight cv if you would like to have a look I have worked with companies like bbc on short films brands such as Nike and New York Times in many other projects and would love to be involved https://www.spotlight.com/profile/8458-9088-1020

    My Instagram account is Marvellousai I have over 17k followers you can also view the things I have done on their hope to here from you soon . I am also a writer I have previously published a few books and written for a few magazines . Aswell as an actress and singer https://www.instagram.com/p/CF0Mr1KnUOd/?igshid=ctzqnbsu6eeb
  • I am a freelance makeup artist based in london and may be interested in collaborating, I am generally not a trendy makeup artist and am inspired by changing the narritive of makeup, so not the expected look, but something unique each model can feel confident wearing, or that a transformation and change has happened to help open door to new ideas and expectations of Makeup Art. I love NARS (had to say that!!)

    Hope to hear form you Kathryn, would love to find out more about the projects you are working on :))
  • Hi! I'm a freelance stylist that would love to collab. You have some of my work in my profile and also on my instagram @nathaliegabrielsson.
    Drop me an email at gabrielssonnnathalie@gmail.com and lets brain storm!
  • Hey I’m a stylist, looking to build my portfolio. Would love to work with you. I style myself at the moment. Instagram @rosaleesgarms
  • Hey! If my look fits your vision do get in touch :) would love to collab !
  • Hi, I’m a model. You can find on Instagram @lolakpl or I can email you my book if you would like!
  • @Sharlee Kelly hi I’ve dmed you on Instagram :)
  • Hey I am a mua and would love to be involved my website is www.jordanfx.com

    Hope to speak to you soon


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