Mentorship has always had a certain mystique to it. How do you find a mentor?


  • What a wonderful question :-) I know there are a heap of brilliant organisations that match mentors, with mentees - you can check out a selection here >
  • Hey Miles, this is such a great question and I'd love to hear how others find mentors too.

    I'm currently also on the look out for mentors (plural). An interesting approach I've heard is to have a portfolio of mentors who are able to share experiences and advice on an array of issues that they themselves have faced (and therefore can give authentic advice based on their own experience). Likewise having several mentors that you can tap into a different points alleviates the feeling that you're taking up too much of any one person's time.

    In terms of how I'm going about finding those mentors, I'm starting close to home and reaching out to people I admire and respect and seeing how it all goes...

    Have you had a mentor yourself? Would love to hear how you've found them too :-)
  • Sounds like good advice Gail. I'm not looking for a mentor myself but mentorship and patronage are topics that are rarely discussed. If there is anybody out there who has a patron or mentor perhaps they could share their story with us.
  • Hmmm ... there are different types of mentors. What type of mentor are you looking for? A person who will influence and shape you as a person, someone for your business direction, someone to do both?
    I would start with deciding what you want a mentor to help you do, research people who can provide that and then just ask them.
  • If you're in a large organisation it can often be as simple as asking someone higher up to introduce you to one.

    In a freelance environment or outside of big companies it starts by asking someone you know and trust who has strong connections.

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