Needing advice on freelance wage. Been asked to give a quote on 15-21 instagram posts, how much would that be?

I have never done freelance before, and now I am working with a woman to help build an instagram. She has asked me to quote her for 15-21 posts, which will then go to a weekly thing.
What is the current rate for this??
I have no clue.


  • @Kerry Ann Cleaver it really comes down to how much value you think you're offering, the market rate, and whether you (and your client) are happy with that.

    If it is a non-profit and you're excited for the opportunities just make sure that the £300 rate covers the minimum you need to be able to enjoy the work!

    You can always ask to review the fee after the initial set and see if you're happy working at that rate.
  • @Ashleigh Moore Thank you, thats really helpful! - for this inicial set I am also creating the logo and bascially whole vibe for he page/brand, so its quite a bit of work.
    I was going to say £300, is that reasonable?
    The client has a not for profit company, and shes forming another one which is the one I am working on, so I dont think the budget is massive, and its a great thing to be a part of, with potencial future opportunities.
  • Work out how long you think it will take you to do the 15-21 posts (plus any additional admin/support time). Then, have a look on some easy to access job sites (Upwork, YoungJuno e.g.) and see what other people are charging for similar. Find someone with similar experience/offering and use them as a benchmark.
    If you set yourself a day rate that you're comfortable with you can then also break down any project's timings to work out your cost (e.g. £200pd /7 gives you a rough hourly rate).
    Hope this helps!

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