New work from issue 2 of @anysegment magazine just posted on Instagram!

As you may know, or in case you’re not familiar at all, any segment is a magazine that concentrates on giving artists wider recognition and deserving publicity associated with their wonderful, brilliantly thought out work whilst also running in support of charity, for those who may be suffering the most at this moment in time.

(If you’d like to be reminded further of our aesthetic, please see our website for a preview of the first and second issue, but stay tuned and you’ll be able to see so much more on our Instagram feed too ✨)

It’s a project that includes a celebration of the modern art world and all the perceivable delights that come with it and so we think that it should therefore be shared amongst other platforms, other than The Dots and Instagram. So, we’ve decided to set up a Tiktok and Pinterest account and shall keep you updated about this.

In doing this, the expectations are that this will create another platform where more people (who are simply unaware of the publication and all of its contributors and their individual talent) will be directly driven to the magazine, where ideally the popularity of artists' work will then start to increase, which is a very exciting thought indeed.


Illustration by Simona, where we thought she captured the theme ‘journey of age’ in issue 2 of our magazine excellently, sculpting a character who in her own words ‘jumps from one time to another, leaving something each time but also going forward and towards the possibility to find something else.’ View our Instagram to see the drawing process from start to finish! 🤩🖍


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