On charging for label designs that clients are not prepared to deal with future costs.

Hey fellow label designers, I wish to know how you usually charge per label, or if you charge for the 1st design and then redesign the next ones charging a small fee, or, how you usually do it?

What's been happening is clients of mine usually are not prepared to deal with the costs of future labels (especially for beauty products that have several versions). One of which even asked me the ai files to edit herself because it's 'so simple' she wants to cut costs and do it herself (insert eye roll emoji).

So, what would be your approach to this matter?

Thank you! :)


  • Hey Nancy!

    Yes that helps sure!
    Its just that usually clients hit me up about this and they just say that its ‘not fair’ to charge on something I already created and would just change text here and there
  • Hi @Karen Mattiazzo - I charge a set fee per label including 2 rounds of revisions, then I go to hourly rate if it goes over 2 rounds. For additional products with similar labels it's a reduced rate. So, for example, if I charged £300 for the prototype label I might charge £150 for additional products in the same range. Does that help??

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