Opinions on start-up fashion brands & sustainability.


I was wondering what is the general consensus for new fashion designers and start up fashion brands in terms of sustainability? How conscious are you of the materials you do use (fabrics, materials & packaging)?

Also with Extinction Rebellion's #BOYCOTTFASHION campaign, is this something that you are conscious of in terms of future habits of consumers?
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  • Hello! I'm not sure how relevant this is since I'm more into the jewellery side of things.

    I personally make sure the materials I use are responsibly sourced, post consumer recycled, or foraged. I do this wherever I can but sometimes it's just not very possible. So then I'll use the next best option.

    All this does make the retail price higher, so it then it becomes finding a clientele that appreciates what you stand for and is with you on it. It's not easy, but I sleep better at night knowing I'm doing what I can! Hope this helps in some way.
  • Hi Chrisia,
    Definitely I have seen both in myself and other colleagues, friends and professionals an awareness around product origin, footprint, etc.
    I am actually working on a sustainable textiles project and I am facing difficulties in sourcing locally, so at least in my experience leans more on the consumer rather that in the medium-sized manufacturers who can actually make a difference by working with start ups.
    Also have contacted some professionals who might help in assessing best procedure in chain supply, etc. which is helpful but unrealistic when proposing alternatives that local suppliers struggle to implement.
    Hope this helps and thanks for raising such a relevant topic.

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