Our start up would like to run a rebranding project for our smart remote coworking solution!
 What's the best way to do this on the dots?!

Time for a reband!

For our 2k+ remote workers and incredible hospitality, cafe, restaurant, coworking venues in London to unite under one brand that says it all!


  • Hi Laura! I'd be interested to help however I can!

    I'm a London-based photographer and would love to take some images for you! You can find me on Instagram @ygreq and at my website www.ygreq.com !
  • Hey Laura,

    Really excited about what you're working to create.

    I work as a digital artist and photographer. Would love to help you in anyway that I can. I have a background in design and animation.

    If there's an email I can send my porfolio to I'd love to send you samples of my work.

    All the best,

  • Hi Laura, my colleague Sarah and I have a great 4 week process designed to create a clear positioning and distinct identity for your brand, including an action plan on how to bring this to life in the real world. It's a really great, cost effective package and can be easily done remotely.

    More info available on our website:

  • Hi Laura,

    Interesting project. I worked on somthign similar last year with a start up from August to December last year where I had an opportunity to collaborate with an amazing team to deliver a complete creative brand solution.

    Initially I delivered their logo identity, visual branding and then consulted them on their design for events, B2B presentations and digital marketing.
    While I was on this project I worked on location and was responsible for the whole creative process. I left them with a complete set of guidelines and a creative toolkit which they can reference for their creative strategy going forward.

    If this is something you are also looking for, I would be happy to discuss with you in more depth how I methodicaly approached this project, delivered the design solution and showcase what I did for them, and share my entire portfolio of similar projects I have previously delivered.

    Thank you,

  • Hey Laura,

    It looks like you've already been given some great advice regarding user research and posting the job.

    If you're looking for a designer to collaborate with on the project, I'd certainly be interested (it's a very fitting time for your start up...!).

    My background is in branding (and rebranding) and I've worked with both startups and globals in the past. You can take a look at a few projects on my profile, or website (www.guygrimshaw.co.uk), or if you'd like to see my full portfolio and discuss the project further, please feel free to email me at:


    Thanks for your time,
  • Hi Laura! It’s definitely a time where a lot of people are learning to work in a different way to what they might be used to.

    When you go ahead with your rebrand, whether you use an agency to help you or not, I’d recommend using your incredible staff to your advantage. Conduct interviews, ask questions and find out what they see working from home as. What are their priorities and what are they juggling at this time?

    If you want to go for a branded campaign, having all of this will help massively. 2000 people is a lot, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still be personal with it all!
  • Hi Laura,
    Pip messaged about posting freelance jobs using:

    If you need help writing a brief I'd be happy to help.


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