PASSIONATE ABOUT CYCLING? Road cycling? Do you like fashion? Do you like to look good? And have a creative mindset?

Consider yourself invited to team up with a woman cycling fashion brand in development. For we would like our team to be international.
We are looking for individuals who were interested in becoming a part of our brand, looking for: bussiness planners, pattern designers, sport fabrics experts, social media managers, marketing planers,....
Acctually it doesn't matter what you do, if you are hooked, you are ours!
(If you know someone who has to become apart ouf our team, please, sharing is caring.)

We are Excited to receive your letters!
HAIDY KANCLER film director
  • Business Development Director
  • Business Strategist
  • Business Development Consultant


  • Soph Callender Marketing & Brand Development Director
    Hi Haidy,

    So lovely to meet you. Your note popped up on my dashboard and this is something I'm hugely passionate about. Other than, perhaps, Rapha and Assos, women's cycling wear lacks innovation, creativity and feminity - a humoungous absence of style-conscious clothing in the industry. The colours of other brands can be obnoxious, with no relevence to current trends; the cuts unflattering for all but the thinnest among us, and there is limited to represent the greatness of the sport itself. Compare women's cycling kit to general active-wear on the market and it's flailing, miserably, behind. I'd love to be involved...!

    All the best,


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