Photographer looking for independent brands to shoot for!

I’m in east London and looking for any independent brands to shoot for that might be interested! Looking to build my portfolio outside of just my fine art work and break into the commercial side of things.

I have shot a few commercial shoots before surrounding food however I’m interested in getting into shooting clothes, accessories and jewellery.

My website is - I’m starting from ground zero commercial wise but I can easily transfer my style and approach to light to a lot of shoots.

Message me if you’re interested in collaborating.


  • Hey, I’m a jewellery designer and happy to lend out pieces for shoots. I have some recent collection pieces on my profile, let me know if you think this could work for you! Robyn
  • Hi Charlotte,
    If you’re looking for a freelance job, take a look at our jobs board:
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    I’d also recommend applying for one of our Freelancer Speed Pitching events:
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    I hope that helps!
    Cathy x

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