Portfolio feedback?

It'll be great to recieve some feedback from other creatives so I can improve my work and learn some new things!

My online portfolio:


Thanks so much!


  • @Shaun Campbell Hi Shaun,

    Thank you very much for the very detailed feedback - I will keep that in mind! Honestly, I very much forgot about this question as it has been nearly two years since I wrote it haha, but I appreciate the feedback all the same!

    I have actually been looking in to do more UI projects recently because as you said it is much more in demand and they also just look really fun to do!

    Thank you again for taking the time to comment!
  • Hi,

    Looks like you have quite a bit of feedback already, so I'll try to keep it brief.

    Your illustration style is great. Just keep it consistent and don't be tempted to try out too many different approaches.

    It's seems that you would be well suited to youth-orientated projects/agencies, but if you are applying to wide range of companies you might need to show other aspects of your capabiliites. Companies who deal with more corporate clients will like to see how a young designer handles page layouts when faced with heavy copy. Some more UI layouts wouldn't hurt (web pages, mobile screens) a lot of agencies would see this as a great asset. If you don't have the work, just make up a personal project.

    Overal you talent will eventually get you somewhere. Keep at it ! It can take a while.
  • Hello,

    I have looked at your behance and your projects are super cool.
    Only thing im missing is a bit more info about who are you , your past experiences etc, dont be afraid of tell your story and how you have arrived where you are. Recruiters are looking for people that have a profila that fits the brand and the team.

    If you want, have a look at my behance, see how i have used the left column to put more of my experience and also a smal text about myself.
    This also helps to pop up when someoane is searching for a specific tipe of person.


    wish you all the luck!
  • You have some solid work. Just a couple of things to consider:

    1. Don’t be afraid to show your process, early ideas and how it evolved. I tend to hire people that show there is a justified reason for the visual style applied.

    2. Relook at some of your visuals. When looking on my phone. I can’t see a lot of the work, consider pulling out a couple key images for added impact.
  • Hey Akili!

    Just looked through your portfolio and WOW are you talented! I especially love your illustrations music production, and you show a very diverse range of other skills with your app design and other freelance design jobs.

    I'm in the same position at the moment of attempting to apply without success, I think it might just be the time of year thats so difficult.

    Keep moving forward girl, you got this!
  • In addition, forgot to metione you ( :

    Interactive Mobile Advertisements

    For example, upper you made the interactive app proposal.

    You may want to focus on people's attention, to control people's sense of sight.

    Your presentations, makes me distract in attention, where I should forcus on.

    Please make presentations more simple, and where you wanna forcus on to viewers.

    Hopefuly its advice you to elevate to new level ( :

  • Hello Akiili,

    As creative & art director, strategist, if something my thoghts would help you, I would highly glad to do.

    Just quick took at look into some of your works.

    I can't draw illustrations ( :
    you drawing line is really sensitive & capture the moment.

    so it will be strong benefit to apply the jobs in the fileds, corporate demading.

    And you may want to think about how you illustrate,

    I mean you are good at digital or hand illusration.

    Hand illustration would be more original who you are, what you express.

    I really recommend reserching of the corporate demands, purpose why create for, vision, and resonating inside of you to motivate work on.

    Design, creative, illustrations, film sort of like tool to connect people are fascinated by, emotinal something.

    Please keep up good works and cultivating into your internal excitement!

    All the best & always cheer you up from Japan ( :

  • Hi Akil,

    Nice work there.

    It could be you are not applying to the right places?
    You demonstrate a range of diverse skillsets.

    I know also the industry is slow right now.- loads of freelancers out there.

    Keep going, keep doing work..even if its personal.

    Check out the places you want to work at- target them. Depends if you want design work or looking for more conceptual work.

    Inhouse and ad agencies are very different.

    I like your more controversial work like the black book as an idea.

    Its hard to grasp what you are really into?

    Everyone will tell you do this, do that, scrap this, scrap that! to the point you will become frustrated.

    Whats your passion?

    Hope that helps.


  • Hi Akili, same here, your work is strong. Few advise: it's not the quantity but the quality, I would concider delete your early work. Only keep the 5 first work. Think about your covers, some does show how good is the work. As well your first project "RE" is really good and you could divide it in category like Branding, Look and feel and Web design. It's a good work.
    Kindly - Hadrien
  • Took a quick look and don't think your work's the issue. Hang in there and keep on applying, I'm very much in the same boat.

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