Potluck, the magazine I run all about cooking, eating and sharing food is looking for submissions for our 5th issue! And we pay!

I'm again looking for work for the next issue of Potluck, a magazine about cooking, eating and sharing food and I want your work to be included!

We're looking for writing (all kinds but in particular personal), illustrations, recipes, photography, poetry and comics that fit the theme of RITUALS.

Here's a bit more about the inspiration behind the theme:
Ritual and food are intrinsically linked. The actions we take in the cooking, eating and sharing of our meals are almost always based on what we know and what we’re used to, repetitive actions that become traditions by default.

These rituals can be deeply personal; making your gran a cup of tea and knowing how much cold water to splash in, how big a wedge of lemon she likes; the way you eat a Kit Kat; your favourite spoon in the cutlery drawer, the one your hand instinctively goes to.

It can be a family tradition, a particular meal you always share together, or maybe the way you gather and preserve a certain thing at a certain time of year. And it doesn’t have to be positive. It can be the rut you get into of cooking the same dishes over and over, the breaking with these rituals to find a better way to do things.

We also want it to look outward. Culturally, when we eat and the way we eat it is often dictated by this learned behaviour, with forks or chopsticks or fingers. The dinner table rituals alone are a minefield, both the dated and the new. Who carves? Who cooks? Who serves? Who’s welcome and what can we talk about? We want to explore all the different facets we can, from all the perspectives we can.

Feeling inspired?
Visit our website for more information on technical specifications and how we pay you: https://www.potluckzine.co.uk/submit-your-work

Got something to submit?
Please send it in using this Google Form: https://forms.gle/uzuNWmHtV518wMV77

We're also looking to work with new illustrators this issue, so if you'd like to work with us, please fill out this form to register your interest: https://forms.gle/Me4srhicnJh1fxvx8

Any questions, ask away!


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