Q for designers of all kinds- When you have work that has been made into a product etc, how do you go about getting a physical copy?

In the past I have designed artwork for a couple of brands and products. In most cases I find it very difficult to get an actual sample of the end product sent to me. Most of the time I go out and buy it myself. Does anyone have a method to encourage a client to send you a physical copy of your finshed work?


  • Ditto, always write this into your contract. It's also pretty standard to have this in any print related contract - i.e. 3 copies of a book / magazine ( so you can use for your own promotional photoshoot etc.)
  • I put everything related to the first production copy in the Agreement. Yep, some clients don't want to share anything for free, but I think that this is crucially important for a designer to be one of the first real customers of a brand.
  • Id ask upfront as a condition of working you would like a copy, i guess having a physical copy is sooo vital for our profession its what gives us credibility and helps evelop portfolio i think we need to make sure these conversations are said because relying on them remmbering or it is just not cool

    Im the same. did placement made something really valuable for my portfolio and didnt get a copy. I end up forking out to reproduce one copy which costs significatly more or i try make a mock up that doesnt feel great or not having anything at the end of it which is so crap especially whne you pour your time and energy into it

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