Recent Events Management graduate looking for employment opportunities but not sure the best way to go about it?

Have some basic events assisting experience but looking to improve on this as well as utilising the organisational and administrative skills I aleady have. Looking for a position within the creative industries etc


  • Hey Desiree

    In my experience I've found LinkedIn and of course The Dots are always great places to start - particularly The Dots if you're looking for something in the creative industries. Regan & Dean is also a reputable employer for events.

    One thing I did when tryna break into the industry was email companies upon companies basically offering to work for free to gain some experience - this could be worth a try to get your foot in the door :)

    Good luck with the job search!
  • Hi Desiree I think in the past Creative Access has had some Events function opportunities. Have a look:

    Hope that helps :)

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