Request for exhibition-preview 'etiquette' advice: can you sketch at another artist's preview?

If you go to a preview, is acceptable to make sketches of the work? I would hope it would be fine as long as you did not ostentatiously draw attention to your sketches, but just sketched discreetly for yourself. Or, does this kind of thing risk distracting attention from the exhibiting artist(s)? Thank you so much for your advice!


  • Politely ask the Artist for preference
  • Hey, making sketches of the work is completely fine. The previews are usually quite busy so I'd suggest you come back and sketch on a quieter day
  • I believe it is acceptable to sketch as long you are not purposefully drawing attention to your work and away from theirs. As people out of curiosity may like to see the development of what you are creating from work that currently exists.

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