Research Question... preserving your wellbeing during lockdown. How are you combating it?

Nature is said to be great for our wellbeing during Lock Down - have you been getting your daily dose of Vitamin N and has it been doing you any good?


  • Hi Daisy, After being made redundant at the end of March I decided I needed a routine...around running. I'm a runner anyway but have increased by frequency and distance over the last 5 weeks. Mon, Wed and Friday I'm out of the house for a 10K run at 6.00am. I now see the same people in the park and say "hi". What was the alternative? staying in bed, watching daytime TV and eating/drinking too much? who knows but I'm grateful that I can do this. It makes me feel so much more positive and energised. Take care, Anne.
  • Hello Daisy! Maintaining our wellbeing during quarantine is similar to taking a test every day on ourselves to see what works best for the mind. I've found that taking a walk every single day for at least 3 miles has helped keep my positive thinking levels high. It's a motivating factor to keep both the body and spirits fit, so vitamin N is essential. The irony of celebrating "Earth Day" in the midst of this global health crisis reminds us that we are mere visitors on this planet and we should treat this home with respect. Stay safe!

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