researcher/writer looking for a time-management/professional organizer to collaborate with

Desired Skills/Tasks

These are the skills/tasks that cause me problems, and which the partner would ideally have:
  • Time estimation: Estimate how much time I’ll need to finish a task/project.
  • Dependencies and steps: Organizing the tasks and items in a sequential way that reflects the dependencies between them.
  • Prioritization and elimination: I create lots of items and tasks. The challenge is prioritizing them and deciding which ones to remove.
  • Choosing specific tasks for a duration. I come up with many tasks and items but I need help with choosing from the big list which ones will I commit to in the coming period.
  • Limits: I can be quite the perfectionist obsessive deliberative type so I need someone to put limits for me (whether time or quantity limits).
  • Accommodating changes to the environment or the plan
  • Tidiness
  • Monitoring, tracking and evaluating progress.
  • Capturing and storing tasks/items of references.
  • Maintenance, updates, admin tasks

Tangible deliverables desired out of this collaboration

Workflow/plans/Steps/ procedures/ Schedule/ Tracking logs. These are the ones I have problems creating. The deliverables that I can provide are lists, databases, taxonomies, articles, presentations etc

the details are here


  • Hi Hashem,
    I had a look at the link you provdied. Looks like you have lots going on. I am also a fan of "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. Based on your writing I feel that we could work together to improve your planning and strategy in relation to goals. I feel that in terms of goal setting strategy you will find "Goals !" by Brian Tracy, and "Self Efficacy: The exercise of control" by Albert Bandura useful.

    I think you have a solid general strategy but its not allowing you to reach the goals that you are trying to reach at the moment. This is a common issue and something you can definitely over come. I think its worth noting that implementing strategies for goal achievement & project success involve a significant emotional & affective component which people tend to underestimate, i.e how you feel and what level of progress you feel you are seeing within a particular period of time.

    I think I can definitely help you look at some of your prioritisation and other skills.

    Feel free to message me on the Dots website or at

    Kind regards.

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