Seeking a short film script to direct as I'd like to add more narrative to my directing work and know how to make things so could help.

If anyone has a short film script they are looking to get made, I would love to take a look to help develop and direct it.

Recent things I have loved: "Normal People" TV series and "Whats Eating Gilbert Grape" to give you an idea of flavor


  • @Beth Galey @Beth Galey
    Hey Beth - thanks for getting in touch - would be great to find out more about what you have, where you're at and if there's something we could get working on. Feel free - to email me at to discuss further. Best, S
  • @Marvin Serwanga Hey There! Yes I would love to take a look at script on mental health - please feel free to email me at to discuss further. Best, S

  • @Tim Sanmi Sure thanks! Please feel free to email me at - look forwrad to hearing back from you. Best, S
  • @Juggy Sohal Hope you're well - and thanks for getting in touch - it would be great to connect and I'd love to speak to you further about your short. Best, S
  • @Mauricio Alarcon I'm a signed Direcor - but have flexibility for passion projects. I can pull together resources for the right project and would be interested in taking a look at your beautiful script.
  • Hi Shimmy - I have a few short scripts (between 4-8 pages each, a variety of genres) that I could send you if you’re interested in developing something narrative driven. Send me a message if you’d like to know a bit more/take a look!
  • Hi, I have just finished a short film script, in the process now of planning the making of it, I potentially have a film crew but could do with a director, let’s have a chat when your free
  • Hey Shimmy. I do have a beautiful script. what are your resources? Are you independent or work for a production house? Let's connect. -Mauricio

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